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Kessler Hydropure Faucet Water Purifier


Inclusive of 1 refill cartridge(1 cartridge provided) *2 MORE free cartridges given*
High End DIATOMITE FILTERING TECHNOLOGY which removes 99.99% of bacteria
Easy installation and maintenance
Healthier drinking

Fit most tap in Singapore

Washable filter
$78 per set. Free 2 replacement filters. ($16 per filter)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Close Up Look Of Dirty Water Pipe

Becareful the water you drink may not be as clean as you think!

A simple way to check if the water coming out from your tap is clean.Buy a tap filter cover and tie it around your tap.Soon you will notice that the tap filter cover turn brownish and eventually turns black.

Unpurified water may contain any or all of these four categories:

Poisonous Chemicals
Toxic chemicals
Protozoan Parasites
Harmful Viruses

Common pathogenic bacteria found in water supplies include:
  1.  E-coli
  2.  Salmonella
  3.  Legionella
  4.  Cholera
  5.  Salmonella Typhi (Typhoid)
  6.  Shigella
  7.  Klebsiella
Pathogenic bacteria are responsible for many of the common types of potentially fatal water-borne disease around the world. E-plus water filters have been proven by independent laboratory testing to be highly effective against pathogenic bacteria.
Bacteria% ReductionIllness CausedSymptoms
Salmonella typhus>99.9%Typhoid FeverFever, headaches, apathy, weakness, abdominal pain, and a rose colored skin rash.
Shigella>99.9%Shigellosis or Bacterial DysenteryAbdominal pain, fever, diarrhea, mucus and blood in excreta.
Vibrio cholera>99.9%CholeraNausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, severe dehydration followed by collapse, shock and in many cases death
Klebsiella Tarragona>99.9%GastroenterocolitisDiarrhea and abdominal cramps
E-coli>99.9%GastroenterocolitisDiarrhea and abdominal cramps

4 Stage Filtration System

Please click on picture twice to enlarge the picture!

1 ceramic filter cost $10.

Filter lifespan about 5000 litres(About 6-8 months)

 E-Plus ceramic water filter are made using fine quality ceramic powder, it is well known for its filtration performance. With nano KDF plus carbon materials inside the ceramic cartridges, it can reduce the chlorine level in the water and also filter out particle and harmful bacteria and pathogen making the water safe to use and drink.

I always drink straight from my eplus water filter without boiling.

Turn Down The Ceramic Filter To Enjoy Purify Drinking Water

Turn the ceramic filter in downwards direction to enjoy purify drinking water without the need to boil.
Purify water is recommended for cooking,boiling herbs,beverages,washing vegetables and rice.Purify water is also useful for aquarium fish and watering plants.

When you notice that the flow of purify water is getting smaller,it means that the ceramic filter is dirty,simply unscrew the filter cover and clean the ceramic filter with a sponge or toothbrush,rinse it clean and screw it back to continue usage.

Remember to turn ceramic filter in upwards direction when you do not need purify water to extend lifespan of ceramic filter.
You only need normal tap water for washing of hands and dishes.

Why choose E-Plus Ceramic Faucet WaterPurifier?

Clean drinking water straight from your tap without the need to boil.
Save on gas or electricity
Recommended for cooking,soup,boiling herbs,beverages,washing vegetables and rice
Can be used for aquarium fish and watering plants
4 stage filtration system
Small and compact
Ideal for frequent travellers

Easy to install
Filter lifespan about 5000 litres(6-8 months)
Fit over 60 types of tapes
Washable ceramic filter
Cheapest purify water on the market $50/5000litres=$0.01 per litre
Save lots of money on bottled water

Promotional price.Whole set $50 plus an extra ceramic filter worth $10(While stock last)
Replacement ceramic filter $10

1 Set Of E-Plus Ceramic Faucet Water Purifier

There is a bubble bag protecting the ceramic filter.Remember to remove the bubble bag before installing the ceramic filter to your filter set.

1 set of E-Plus ceramic Faucet Water Filter consists of
1 ceramic faucet water filter set
1 transparent gasket
2 spare connectors to suit different types of taps(some taps do not need connectors to install).
There is a detachable rubber in the rubber connector that can be removed by screwdriver to fit your tap if needed.

On the box of E-plus Faucet Water purifier are some photos of 4 different types of taps showing the different methods to fix your tap.Simply identify the tap you are using.Refer to the photo from top to bottom for instruction on how to fix your tap.
This product is the 2009 Trusted Brand Gold Medal Winner In Malaysia.

Cross Section of E-Plus Hi-Tech Ceramic Cartridge

The same filter after 20 days of use.How clean is your drinking water?

Some Examples Of Taps That Can Be Fixed With E-Plus Faucet Water Purifier

E-Plus Ceramic Faucet Water Filter can fit over 60 types of tapes.This filter small and compact size make it ideal for travellers who travels to different parts of the world and is worried about the quality of drinking water.
With this ceramic filter,travellers can enjoy purify drinking water any time without the need to boil drinking water.Travellers can save lots of money on bottled water.

Which plastic water bottles don't leach chemicals?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

E-Plus Ceramic Faucet Water Purifier

Cheapest purify water on the market $50/5000litres=$0.01 per litre

E-plus Ceramic Faucet Water Purifier can fit over 60 types of taps.

Feature Products
Provide effective treatment to reduce harmful bacteria such as typhoid, bilharzias & amoebas.

Product Description
The ceramic manufacturing process we adopt is traditional slip casting which has proved to be the most effective method of producing the highest quality porous filter for purifying drinking water over the last two hundred years.

The use of the most advanced and ecology conscious technologically controlled casting, drying and firing equipment that we ensure controlled quality and performance that surpasses the strict requirements of the World Health Organization & Drinking Water Safety and Quality Standards. The genuine ceramic filter elements are produced using the latest ceramic techniques which are fired at a temperature in excess of 1,000 degrees Celsius.

Stage 1 Filtration System

Ceramic Filter
Provide effective treatment to reduce harmful bacteria such as typhoid, bilharzias & amoebas and chemical contaminates, remove rust, sediment and suspended solids, chlorine taste, unpleasant odor. 0.3 micron(human hair on average is around 100 microns) filtration absolute and is washable.

Stage 2 Filtration System

Nano KDF
The water treated with bio-ceramic is rich in ionic minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. In which would break water into smaller molecule clusters and improve body metabolise, increase body resistant as well. At the same time increasing dissolved oxygen content in the water for our body need. Finally KDF 55 was designed specifically for removing or reducing chlorine and water-soluble heavy metals.

Stage 3 Filtration System

3.High Quality Activated Carbon
Efficient in removing pollutants such as residual chlorine, unpleasant odor, organic compounds, colours, heavy metals (e.g. copper, lead, mercury & etc), Trihalomethanes (THMS), methyl tertiary butyl ethers (MTBES) and other chemicals by absorption. It made with superior materials to ensure that water is filtered pure & cleaner.

Stage 4 Filtration System

4.High-quality alkaline stone.
Alkaline stone turns water into higher ph level for a healthier drink.

E-plus ceramic faucet water purifier removes 99.99% Microbial Cysts,Cryptosporidium,Giardia and much more in drinking water.

E-Plus Hi Tech Ceramic Cartridge effectively removes Rusts,Worms,Algae,Parasites,Diet,Dusts,Giardia,Contaminants,Residual chlorine,Disinfection by-products,Heavy metal ions,Organic pollutants,Unpleasant tastes and Cryptosporidium etc.

Benefits of E-Plus Ceramic Faucet Water Purifier:
1.KDF(Kinetic Degradation Fluxion.)Basically, KDF creates zinc oxide in the cartridge which helps stop bacteria from growing--it actually killls bacteria--and allows the carbon to last longer)
3.Alkaline water
4.Remove chlorine
5.Mineralize water
6.Increase anion ball(The specific Toumaline Ceramic balls will generate anion called”element of longevity”, which can adjust excitatory state of ganglia and improve the air change of pulmonary when were absorbed into body, meanwhile, Recovery from fatigue and accelerate metabolism by emitting far infrared ray. Provide antibacterial and deodorizing effects)
7.Remove bacteria
8.Remove water odor
9.Purify water

Product Features:
1.Can be use repeatedly after cleaning ceramic cartridges,no secondary pollution.
2.Easy installation,filter replacement is easy and cheap.
3.Rotation inlet design,not easy to clog.
4.Made using environment friendly material and can be used safety.

Technical Data
Output=6 litres/Minutes at 0.2MPa
Cartridge Capacity:Approx.5000 litres(depending on water quality)(filter life about 8 months)
Working Pressure:0.1-0.35MPa
Weight Approx.190grams
Dimensions:10.8 5.2 10.5cm
Material:ABS plastic,Ceramic,Nano-metal Clusters(Nano-KDF)media

E-Plus Ceramic Faucet Water Purifier can be used together with Alkaflask to enjoy Quality Alkaline Water.

Common Contaminants In Water
In order to be sure which contaminants your water contains, it is best to get a sample of your water professionally tested in a laboratory.
Commonly occurring, potentially harmful contaminants in water around the world include:
- Pathogenic Bacteria
- Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and other cysts
- Chlorine (taste & odour)
- Lead

Promotional Price $50 per set plus an extra ceramic filter.While stock last!

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